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"From the understanding and recognition that the post-traumatic injury, and the prolonged dealing with it, result in a dramatic impairment in the ability to realize personal ambitions, our mission is to provide the fighters with a safe, natural, and productive environment that will allow them to pave new paths of ability and fulfillment for themselves"

Tomer Weinberg, founder of the association

The story behind the establishment of the association

The association was founded by Tomer Weinberg, inspired by his personal rehabilitation process

I founded the TERRA UMA association in April 2022 after many years of dealing with post-trauma that developed in me following a serious injury at the beginning of the Second Lebanon War. For many years I unsuccessfully tried to return to the function I was in before the injury, until I finally came to terms with the blowouts and my inability to change the situation.

Several years ago, I lost my late father Yitzchak in a motorcycle accident. The deep connection with him, which had grown stronger since the injury, was suddenly severed.
What was supposed to be the "knockout" of my life turned out to be their resurrection.

My father had a makeshift home winery where he made wine as a hobby. During the shiva I stared at the wine barrel that stood in the center of the house and promised my father that I would continue his hobby. I did not know then, that I had made one of the most important decisions of my life. I couldn't understand that I had received the entrance ticket back to life from Dad.

I took my first steps in the world of wine with Assaf Margalit at Margalit Winery and with the Haifa Wortman wine family. Leaving the house to work in the vineyards and winery awakened something in me that had been off for years. I felt that I and the wine in the barrel were going through similar processes. The fermentation, the sediment, the breath. Everything spoke directly to my soul. In the vineyard the mind calmed down and the body relaxed.

Later I started professional studies in the field and after not long I established a small winery in the warehouse under the house. Suddenly there was something to get up for in the morning. For the first time in a decade I had an answer to the question "What do you do in life?". The sense of ability and worth began to strengthen, the connection to agricultural work and the exciting wine product reawakened in me the passion for life.

After a year in the world of wine I realized that something big had happened to me, something that no medication or other treatment had been able to do until that time. Self-confidence increased, triggers decreased, motivation and abilities reawakened.

As I summed up the past year, I saw how all the pieces were falling into place. Everything came together and became very clear. The relaxing connection to the earth, the meditative activity in the vineyard, the senses that sharpened and worked continuously and pleasantly in the winery, the deep connection to the processes of the soul and the sediments we accumulate in it - and the wine barrel and the sediments that form in it, and of course the final and exciting product.

At this point, the question "can this help other guys like me" began to burn in my mind.

This is how the vision was born, this is how the decision to establish the association matured.

for life :)

our way
A productive-agricultural-emotional journey, multi-sensory, stimulating and empowering

The TERRA UMA association helps soldiers who are dealing with post-trauma to return to the path of life through a productive-agricultural-emotional journey in the world of wine, which develops and strengthens skills that have been eroded as a result of their mental injury.

The 'Merimim Chaim' wine journey is a productive-agricultural-emotional process that mostly takes place in the surroundings of the winery and vineyards. For a year, between the vineyard and the winery, the vine and the personal barrel, abilities eroded by the transparent injury are revealed and strengthened and personal resilience is strengthened, on the way to a renewed integration into society.

The personal barrel stands at the center of the journey and represents our soul, the inner agitation, the sediments left in us following the combat experiences we went through. The personal series of bottles that each and every one of the participants of the journey produces, symbolize the new life, the renewed abilities and the dreams that we seek to fulfill for ourselves.

We believe that taking responsibility and initiative for life after the injury through productive, creative and attractive manual labor with a direct connection to the earth, can make positive and dramatic changes to the consequences of the physical and mental injury.

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